Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you are looking for a speaker that you can place in the middle of the room and project sound 360 degrees? The Ultimate Ears Boom is the perfect wireless speaker for you. UE Boom is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker manufactured by Ultimate Ears. Ultimate Ears is a company founded in 1995 by Jerry Harvey and Mindy Harvey from Irvine, California. Their products range from custom fit earphones to portable speakers. Because of the success of this endeavor, Logitech acquired Ultimate Ears from the Harveys in August 2008. Logitech, who is already a multi-billion dollar company, was at a loss in profit last 2013 financial year. With products like the Ultimate Ears BOOM, they expect to respond to the needs of the new age trendy music lovers.

This speaker is the 3rd Bluetooth speaker from UE. It boasts of a 360-degree sound feature with the ability to “Double up” with another Boom speaker making the sound even louder. The design is quite unique with its compact cylindrical stance and stands 7.1 inches tall. Even if it is small, it weighs quite heavy. You can easily hold it in your hand but is not quite compact for you to put in your pocket. A quite unique feature is the flip up D-ring that can be found at the bottom of the unit. You can attach your speaker to your backpack by using a lanyard. You can also unscrew the ring which allows you to mount the speaker on a tripod.

Technical Specifications 

Size (LWH): 18 cm × 6.5 cm (7.1 in × 2.6 in)

Weight: 538 g (19.0 oz)

Shape: Canned Beverage Shape (Cylindrical shape)

Color Schemes: Superhero, Citrus, Orchid, Blue Steel, Aqua, Black, White and different artist editions

Connectivity: Standard 3.5mm audio input, NFC Sensor one touch pairing, and AAC Blutetooth audio, 2.0 USB,

Battery Life: up to 15 hours with its mAH Li-ion battery

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty


  1. Double Up Feature – One of the marquee features of this Bluetooth speaker is its “Double Up”. With two BOOM speakers you can pair them up. What is great about this feature is that you can easily set this up with the App on your device. Sound can be set on Stereo and Double mode. Double mode is just a simple linking of the speakers for maximum sound while the stereo feature separates the two speakers to function as left and right channels.
  2. Great battery life – It boasts of great battery life which is up to 15 hours when listening to music with volume set at three quarters from the maximum. If you use the speaker at maximum volume, it can last up to 13 hours. Since there is no display on the speaker, you will get to know the battery level by pressing both the plus and minus volume buttons.
  3. Clear and Crisp Sound – Even if the speaker is not actually physically 360 degrees designed because of the rubber cover for the volume, it definitely projects sound 360 degrees. It fills up the room easily with quality and crisp sound. It projects loud music without maxing the volume up. There are  different sound output options which can personalize your listening experience like Out Loud, Bass Boost, Vocals and Intimate Spaces.
  4. Water Resistant (not Waterproof) – This cylindrical form speaker is water resistant. The acoustic skin functions as a debris shield and resists water for maximum protection. It is plasma coated which makes it stain resistant as well. The rest of the speaker is covered with smooth rubber which is also water resistant.
  5. Stylish 360-degree Sound Design – differently and uniquely designed as compared to its other competitors. This allows a more immersive experience for both room and outdoor use.


  1. Bass distortion when volume is maxed – The bass is not expected to sound good in portable speakers. With the Bass Boost function, the low frequency is modified for better thump but it still will not get that boom bass.
  2. UE BOOM App – The app does not have much in it. You only see a couple of settings. You can see battery levels, change alert language, equalizer settings, alert sounds, alarm time and music.
  3. Pressing the volume buttons – It is weird to press the volume buttons. It seems that the best way to press the volume button is for you to grip the speaker.  You need to press a bit hard to change volume setting.


Overall, it gets a great buy. For its price, you get what you pay for. You have maximum control to what kind of sound you want to hear. It fills up the room quite nicely even with just one speaker, how much more is you have two BOOM speakers “Doubled Up”. It is going to be quite expensive to have two speakers though but you will get double the sound.

Logitech Ultimate Ears have definitely proven a lot with this BOOM speaker which was a lot more of an improvement from the first two Bluetooth speakers they manufactured. The design is sleek, the build is of high quality and the sound is top notch. For a small portable speaker, it produces 360-degree boom quality sound. It is recommended for backpackers, bikers and people who love to go to the beach and take their music with them.

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