Tech-Life BeatBlock WET Bluetooth Speaker Review

Thinking of buying a portable speaker? With all the selections in the market, which do you think would be the best possible portable speaker that suits your personality and your needs? Do you often go to the beach, go hiking, or go biking? Are you the active and sporty person who wants music with them while doing all these activities? What about taking your music with you while surfing? Or you just want to have a small speaker with quality sound in your living room?


Depending on your needs there are different types of portable speakers that are available in the market. One of which is the BeatBlock WET wireless Bluetooth speaker. Couple of notable features of this speaker is that it has great bass sound as compared to other small speakers this size. It is not waterproof but can resist rain, water and splashes.

Technical Specifications 

Size (LWH): 165 x 52 x 63.5mm

Weight: 346g

Color Schemes: Black, Orange, Red

Connectivity: Standard 3.5mm audio input and Bluetooth

Battery Life: up to 10 hours with its 1500mAH lithium ion battery

Frequency Response: 80Hz-20KHz

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty (Warranty will be void if submerged in water)


  1. Durability – Even if the unit falls from the table several times it still sounds great. The music even never skips at the moment of impact. It looks like a brick when it falls like a brick, it doesn’t break.
  2. Quick Pairing – You do not any problem with pairing your device to the speaker. With other devices, pairing takes quite some time but with the BeatBlock, Bluetooth pairing is almost an instant. It takes less than 1 minute to turn on the device and pair your phone with it. Pairing with your phone is never an issue. Connectivity with almost all devices with Bluetooth is the best feature of this speaker.
  3. Better Bass – Surprisingly enough the device has great thump in the bass. The bass sounds great on this small device at about 80% volume.
  4. Connectivity Distance – The distance of connectivity from your phone to the speaker can reach about 10 meters. Great distance for Bluetooth connection.
  5.  Weather Proof – One of the best features which almost all active people who love the outdoors need. This speaker is rainproof, splash proof and weatherproof. It is not Waterproof though! You cannot take it with you while surfing. You cannot submerge it in water.
  6. Avant Garde Design – It has that unique rubber coating material and honeycomb design which makes it a greatly designed speaker.


  1. Not loud enough – Although it gives great sound it cannot go loud enough to fill the room with music. If you are about 7 feet away from the speaker, the sound is not that clear anymore even at high volumes.
  2. Unstable at max volume – The bass is good but the size of the speaker can’t take the bass at it will fall of the counter if it’s near the edge. At maximum volume the speaker will literally move.


With a speaker like this, it is best for people who love to go to the beach, have pool parties and barbeques in their lawn. This speaker can be easily paired with a phone or any device with Bluetooth. Connection is quite stable at long range.

It is recommended for people who love to hear that bass. You can take it with you outside because it is weather proof. Not recommended to be used directly on water because it is not waterproof. It is definitely durable and recommended for the active individual.


Compared to other speakers of this size, this is a fairly great buy. With the price and the comparison of its features to other speakers it is of quality. It is not a perfect speaker. It has great bass but will bounce off the table if maxed out. So, where should the manufacturers strike the balance, putting more weight in the speaker because of the bass quality or lessening the bass power? One has to be compromised; nonetheless, it is a great speaker for people with an active lifestyle.

The connectivity cannot be matched.  It easily connects with almost any device. The speakers design is simple and yet unique. It is notable in its size and portability with its rubber coating and honey comb design. It has that flat black look that makes it look rugged and has that dark characteristic. The feel on your hand of the device is quite nice.

Best feature of the device is its connectivity which is the major selling point of this speaker! You can easily connect it with any device. You can switch from using an iPhone to a Samsung phone or even a tablet that has Bluetooth pairing capabilities.


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