TDK Life on Record A33 Waterproof Speaker Review

Waterproof, shock proof and oh now it’s weatherproof. Seems new especially to novices out there. What makes a weatherproof speaker unique from the rest of the speakers in the market? Let’s take a closer look.

If you have been to the countryside, you are likely family with how the nature sounds – bird chirping, river waters and all that. Now, you are in the middle of the metropolitan city, you’ve tried stretching your neck feeling a bit mysterious where those nature sounds came from. There’s nothing on sight nearby but a dashing speaker. Could this be serious, you asked yourself in silence. Indeed right, it comes from that speaker. Don’t feel embarrassed. There’s always the first time.


And obviously you were curious staying up all day and heard how astonishing these speakers play the beat under the hot daylight. The next time you realize, you’ll even get mesmerized seeing the same unit playing on one freezing winter time. They call it “weatherproof”.

TDK Life on Record released recently a new wireless weatherproof speaker model, the A33 wireless weatherproof speaker. What’s fascinating about Bluetooth technology when there’s so much in the market like them? Not much when you speak about portable and handsome battery life too. But TDK has something to offer. This speaker comes with an innovative technology which focuses on what consumers find unique – the weatherproof feature. A33Wireless Waterproof Speakers are engineered with the IP64 certified weatherized design. They are water resistant and greatly protect the essential parts from dust and dirt.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Are you astounded by A33 speaker features? Your next question might be pertaining to cost. How much does it cost you to take home such marvellous features? Is it around a thousand or 500 bucks? No, it doesn’t cost that much. You won’t believe, it’s for sale around $150 online.

Product Features

Speaker Design and Size

Weighing around 2.8 pounds or just a bit more than a kilo coming at 3.7 inches height by 2 inches width and 9.5 inches depth, it’s not really mini but yes it’s portable Bluetooth speaker. It has a masculine box design with control buttons like volume and power on the top of the speaker along with a LED lighting indicator.

Control Functions

However, this unit doesn’t come with pause, play and other transport control keys like skip forward and back. It’s not really a big problem because you can find all of these using your Bluetooth enabled gadgets.

Sound System

TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speakers have two 1.5 in drivers and 2.5 in subwoofer in front plus two 3 in passive radiators for quality sound experience. Each has rubber speaker covers to resist water splashes. It’s not really waterproof but it pays a lot of difference considering that it has the IP64-rated water resistant feature.


TDK A33 also has an audio input port so you can still use the speaker to connect from other devices without Bluetooth capability. It is equipped with USB port and 12V DC charging port too. It’s built for many purposes. This speaker has an internal built-in hands-free speakerphone.

Technical Specifications

Inside the Box

– TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

– User’s Manual

– AC Adapter

Warranty Period

– 1 year warranty on parts and labor

Product Dimension

– 5.2 inches (H) x 11.9 inches (W) x 5.1 inches (D)


– 3.7 pounds

Other Details

– Wireless 2.1 Bluetooth Technology

– With rechargeable battery

– Portable Speaker Type

– Color: Black

– 65 Hz to 18kHz frequency response


Affordable Choice

A33 Wireless Weatherproof speaker is something worth spending with its 2.1 Bluetooth technology. It produces good volume, sound quality and clarity. It’s fairly easy to operate too.

Good Quality Sound

The bass is good. Speakerphones work efficiently and the battery last around 6 to 8 hours depending on use.

Downloadable User Guide

No worries if you misplaced your user guide because you can easily download the user’s manual online. Find quick play guide, battery replacement instructions or simply ask the customer support for any issues encountered using the product. Find quick answers to questions such as how to troubleshoot when the battery fails to charge or how to pair with Bluetooth device.

Navigate on TDK’s Life on the Record support page and click on Ask a Question icon. Submit any of your concerns along with your personal information such as name, email, address and postal code plus your contact details. Expect an answer within 24 hours.

And since there are many users for this product, you can join a community forum and ask a fellow user if you experience problem.


Flimsy Design

Some say that the design is not really fascinating. The kickstand and the side covers aren’t really great.

No Battery Indicator Feature

It’s good if you can check the battery usage and remaining battery. Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t have that feature. Another thing is there’s no battery charge indicator.

Overall Customer Rating

It gained 4.8 stars with over 30 reviews with 97% users recommending this product to their friends.

Who Should Buy It?

A33 Wireless Weatherproof speaker is best for those people looking for speakers suitable both indoor and outdoor. It fairly operates with 6-hour battery for your party trips near the pool side, river bank or bay walk. It has water resistant feature, so you won’t have to get nervous of playing favourite tunes near any water element.

Why Should You Buy It?

Try to bring it indoors, you won’t have any issues. It plays well giving really good sounds. It offers loud sound for its size at a pocket-friendly price. A33 Wireless Weatherproof features are comparable to speakers sold around $300. Although, these speakers are not perfect, there’s none that is.


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