Sony SRSBTX500 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

One of Sony’s product signatures, the SRSBTX500 comes with sleek design Bluetooth Wireless technology and speakerphone capabilities. Crafted with premium sound quality it surely pays its worth – making music fairly accessible anytime anywhere with just one touch.

Product Description

It has a 40-watt punch, doubling the Sony SRSBTX300 unit combined with the exclusive Dual Passive Radiators, Magnetic Fluid Speakers in its DMC technologies making audio extremely superb. Sony SRSBTTX500 allows you to stream music by pairing your speaker with any Bluetooth enabled device but unlike the average speakers, this speaker is more diversified in playing various profiles connecting via advanced audio distribution profile. It is also highly compatible with digital music players and common electronic gadgets like smartphones, tabs and even desktop computers.

The Killer NFC Feature

Powered by Near Field Communication or NFC, it allows you to connect easily using the low power radio-frequency technology for short-range connectivity. Apart from Bluetooth, NFC doesn’t require pairing. A popular phone feature for mobile payments, NFC feature is not extended to speakers. Simply tap 2 devices together and you’re way to go. That’s the principle.

Sometimes, pairing devices can be a real headache. First, you need to look for visible devices. Next, you need to request that person to confirm or accept pairing request especially if you don’t own the unit. What’s good with NFC is you can readily access the music library without necessary keying in annoying PINs. Great thanks if you can find an NFC enabled device nearby although most iPhones doesn’t have this feature.

Versatile Functions

Each unit has easy control functions and LED light indicator which indicates the speaker status. It comes with volume control and speakerphone button so you can easily pick phone calls while using your devices as a music library. Each unit has a sound button for users to choose sound profiles and tone adjustments.

Hands-free phone delivers clear sounds as well just the way it is with music and tunes.

Sound Quality and Performance

Speaking about sound quality, Sony SRSBTX500 is a boomer in a box. It’s capable of producing crystal clear sound and sharp vocals. Tunes, melody, whatever you call it drive energy – a real music inspiration to most enthusiasts.

Head Turners

Well, this is nothing new to most Sony products which always look into this aspect. Sony SRSBTX500 has a good-looking hardware refined with grille and stainless silver material.

Technical Specifications

The Speaker

– 3 ¼ inches (80-millimetre) Subwoofer

The Audio

– Selectable Audio Modes

– Patented Mega Bass and Sound

– 6 Ohms Audio Impedance

– Full Range Speaker Size

– Approximately 1-7/8 inches or 48 millimetres

– Audio Dimensions: 15 1.8 inches (W) x 9 7/8 inches (H) x 2 ½ inches (D)

– Weight including the battery: 4 pounds and 7 ounces

Power, Input and Output

– With LED Operating Indicator

– 10 Watts x 2 + 20 Watts AC Power Output

– 4 Watts x 2 + 8 Watts Battery Power

– 3.5 mm stereo mini jack audio in

– Electret condenser microphone operating at 50 Hz to 10 kHz

– DC IN 15 Volts, 3 Amperes Input Voltage


– Wireless Bluetooth at 2.4 GHz Band

– Power Class 2 Line at 30 feet or 10 meter range

– FHSS Modulation Mode

– Bluetooth Version 3, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP Profile Support

– One-touch listening with Near Field Communication Technology

Power Source

– USB DC for smartphones

– Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Battery Description

– 6-hour audio playback

– 4-hour charging time

– Lithium-Ion Battery Type, Built-In

Warranty and Guarantees

– Limited

Date First Released: January 9, 2013

Consumer Support

– Available online at Sony eSupport Hotline

– AC Power


– Stylish and Elegant Design, a very refined and solid speaker.

– Efficiently Working Built-In 2.1 Bluetooth Technology

– One-Touch NFC pairing technology

– USB port for charging smart phones

– Very Good Audio Quality. It produces clear and well-defined sound – a good punch on rhythm and timing.

– User-friendly. It doesn’t require much technical expertise to enjoy music.

– It doesn’t shut off automatically unless you tap the Bluetooth standby.

– Most affordable Bluetooth Speaker considering the great features and specs. Best buy at $300.


– Quite bulky and heavy. May not be ideal for travel

– Battery life can be improved

– Control Apps are not available. No Airplay as well.

– A bit expensive over other available Bluetooth Speakers in the market.

– Requires longer time to get fully recharged. It sounds impractical to charge a unit for 4 hours just to get a 6-hour playtime.

Who Should Buy It?

The Sony SRSBTX500 Bluetooth Speaker is surely unmatched if you are after a sleek finish portable speaker capable of pairing all types of Bluetooth enabled smart device. It has carrying case that pictures portability along with the elegant scratch protection grey grilled body brushed up with stainless steel.

It is pretty handsome choice for those who love convenience and people who are always on the go.

Why Should You Buy It?

The wireless Bluetooth technology supports streaming features for iOS devices, laptops, desktops and android gadgets. Also, the NFC feature helps easing connection between NFC-enabled devices. Your android phones are not NFC enabled? No problem. You can simply download that app from the playstore. Be sure to check your device settings to get connected.  The 3.5 mm input port completes the usefulness of Sony SRSBTX500 Bluetooth Speaker. NFC, Bluetooth and conventional wire connection – what more can you ask for?

Sony certainly makes sure to equip the speaker with easy and friendly user feature even if it doesn’t have the remote control option.


It’s obvious that Sony SRSBTX500 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Premium Speaker System offers more for its features and specs compared to its price. The fantastic speakerphone and extremely high level of performance sound quality made this speaker on the top list of professional music enthusiasts. Find the most affordable price tag at

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