Grace Digital ECOXGEAR ECOROX Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

If you are looking for one of the best portable speaker in town, look no further! The ECOXGEAR mini speaker is the best speaker to consider buying. Yes, this might seem like a sales pitch but you definitely have to consider this speaker before you purchase a mighty expensive portable speaker which might not deliver the sound you like.

The ECOXGEAR – ECOROX Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best portable speakers out in the market for so many reasons. Consider these reasons so that you can maximize your money and at the same time be pleased with the music from this small device.


The manufacturer of this small speaker is quite new in the industry. The Grace Digital Inc. was founded just last 2007 by a James Palmer and Greg Fadul which has its headquarters in San Diego. The company, although new, has already been trusted in creating quality products and was even awarded for their products. They are able to make their products available on a worldwide market. They focus on manufacturing internet based receivers, audio archiving equipments, wireless speakers, and waterproof audio gadgets.

Because of the trending need of the new age consumer, they have responded to it by creating a waterproof speaker which is under the branding “ECOXGEAR”. With this venture, they expect to WOW the world with what their mini speaker can do, and they certainly have!

Technical Specifications

Size (LWH): 3.2 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 14.4 ounces

Color Schemes: Black, Orange, Red

Connectivity: Standard 3.5mm audio input and Blutetooth

Battery Life: up to 10 hours

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty


  1. Connectivity Distance – You can connect through pairing via Bluetooth and the distance range of the speaker to the device can reach up to 10 meters without skips in the music. You can easily pair your Bluetooth device to this small speaker system and get crisp sound even at wide range distance between the two devices. It is compatible with most devices like iPhones and other android phones.
  2. WATERPROOF! Not just Water Resist – WOW! This definitely is a wow factor of the speaker. IT is waterproof and not just resists the moist in the air or coffee spills. The material and build of this little speaker system is built to perform in all sorts of conditions. The speaker is sealed to ensure that the electronic devices do not get wet. You can take it while surfing and you won’t lose it because it floats.
  3. Definitely Ultra Portable – You can put in it your pocket. You can snap it in your back pack. You can even screw it to a tripod. Its rugged design enables you to place it anywhere outdoor.
  4. Battery Life – Battery life will reach up to 10 hours. What more can you ask for! Probably 15 hours? But with a small device like this, 10 hours is such a long playing time.
  5. Durable – Definitely a durable device that can withstand the rough conditions of a biker, a surfer, a jogger and practically anyone who wants to take their music with them outdoors.


  1. Charging Port – This needs to be re-designed. The speaker seems durable and can be tossed around but the charging port is not placed strategically. The USB powerport has a tendency to be pushed inside the device.
  2. Quality Sound – Although, this will actually not give you the loudest louds, this gives out quality sound for something small like this. It is not crisp and the bass is even not thumpy enough.


This is a great buy of a speaker. Although this is still imperfect as it is, it has already created a great impact in the small speakers systems out there. Its portability is unmatched. It is durable and rugged. It is a waterproof speaker which means this is highly recommended for people who want to take music with them to the beach, not just the shore, but even the beach!

For its price, it definitely is one of the more affordable portable speakers. It is also recommended for bikers and hikers. Bikers can attach it to their bikes and hikers can snap it to their backpacks or even belt bags. If you would want a clearer treble, tweet and bass register, this is not recommended for you. Although it has received great reviews online, this also in not a perfect portable speaker. The design is quite unique but the functionality and the reliability of the device still needs to be improved, specifically the charging system. They need to put a sturdier component in there. Another point to consider is that although it is water resist, it needs to improve in heat resistant capabilities. Do not put it under direct sunlight or else the heat on the device will compromise the sound quality. Although you can take it outdoors during a sunny day, you should make sure that it is not under direct sunlight to extend the life of the device.


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