Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Are you tired of looking for the best speaker that suits your active lifestyle needs? Having purchased all sorts of earphones, portable speakers and the like that can’t keep up with your demands can be frustrating, especially if you spend hundreds of dollars and yet is not satisfied with the music and features you get from a portable speaker (check also our rating of portable speakers with subwoofer).

For the active individual, the perfect portable speaker can be hard to find but basically some basic features needed include: waterproof, rugged looking, and durable. (Of course not to mention the quality of sound!)

Here are the top 3 waterproof rugged outdoor portable speakers (in no particular order) that we think are best for an outdoor person who also is a music enthusiast.



The Ecoxgear has produced three types of tough portable Bluetooth speakers but ECOXBT is top of the charts. Why? It is so portable that you can almost latch it anywhere; you can latch it to your backpack while biking. You can even hang it on yourself and not be irritated by its size. It is weather proof and waterproof. You can take it to the beach. But wait, there’s more! You can actually take it with you while surfing! This is one of the best powerfully small portable speakers for surfers and water enthusiasts. It floats in water so you can take it to the beach or throw it in the pool and let music continuously play while it floats on water.

The design is quite friendly that you can hold it with two hands. The design particularly suits it to be thrown in water. It was two handles which you can easily hold while its floating around.

Even if it’s a small speaker, it is still a great source of sound. The music still sounds great at high level volumes. You don’t need to worry it being tossed around, it is ruggedly designed for the active individual. Read the full review here…

Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM


A contender for the top spot for rugged speakers is the BOOM wireless Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears. This only not looks stylishly good but you can literally wash the speaker in tap water if you spill coffee, soda or sand on it. This is one of the best rugged speakers that can be bang for the buck.

It has different color schemes and style to choose from. The connectivity is done through one touch pairing or through the NFC sensor. Battery life is also great. You can listen to music up to 15 hours straight.

What people love most about it is that you can place this in the center of the room and it will emit quality sound that will fill the room quite nice. The design accommodates that sound is emitted almost 360 degrees from the speaker system What more if you “Double Up” its feature. Having 2 UE Boom speakers definitely will generate louder sound for partying harder! Read the full review here…

Tech-Life BeatBlock WET


The BeatBlock WET is also a force not to be reckoned with. This brick of a speaker is where all the bass is happening! With a speaker this small, you do not expect that it will deliver the quality thump sound, but it does. The BeatBlock WET Bluetooth speaker is one of a kind heavy duty speaker that can be dropped from a table and not break a sweat. This is one tough portable speaker.

Aside from it being a mean block, it is weather proof and can be taken outdoors. The battery life is good enough for you to play about 10 hours of music. It can withstand the rain and the weather but it should not be submerged underwater.

Best feature of this mean speaker is its connectivity. Pairing is a breeze. You can turn on the device and almost instantly connect and pair your Bluetooth enabled phone to this block. It is easy to connect. With just a push of a button you get to hear your favorite playlist on your phone. It is compatible with tablets as well. Read the full review here…


With all the advancements in technology, the music and electronic industry certainly had to benefit from it. With all the demands of the active and outgoing music lover individual, the portable speaker is the perfect solution to these demands. The top 3 speakers mentioned above are worth every penny. You can always go for that outdoor speaker that suits your needs. Let your portable speaker suit your lifestyle, if you are more of a beach person then you could probably go for the ECOXBT. If you like 360 degree full sound even outdoors and doubling it up another speaker, the UE BOOM is the one for you. If you go for the avant garde design and durable weatherproof speaker, the BeatBlock WET might just be the perfect fit for.

Whatever preference you have for portable durable rugged Bluetooth speakers, you can never go wrong with the three top picks that we have for you.